Why Hi-Vis Vests Are a Business Necessity

High visibility vests, often called hi-vis vests, are an essential part of personal protective equipment. These vests, typically bright yellow or orange and adorned with reflective strips, are designed to ensure the wearer is easily seen in all conditions. This level of visibility can be vital for safety in many environments, particularly those where heavy machinery or vehicles are in operation. Better Safety  One of the primary benefits of hi-vis vests is the increased safety they provide. Read More 

5 Benefits of Using a Cork Yoga Mat

In a fast-paced world, it's essential to find time for focus. One way to do this is through yoga. While there are several different schools of yoga, one common denominator is the yoga mat. Many people forget about the humble cork yoga mat when choosing a mat, but there are actually many benefits to using one! This blog post will explore five benefits of using a cork yoga mat. Read on to find out more! Read More 

Two Suggestions for Principals Who Have Just Hired School Crossing Guards

If you have just hired a school crossing guard to manage traffic at your school and to help young students who need to cross the surrounding streets, you might be interested in the following suggestions. Get them some hi-vis workwear You must get this new employee some hi-vis workwear. One lightweight hi-vis vest and one hi-vis raincoat should suffice, as the person will then have a hi-vis piece of outerwear for both the dry and wet seasons. Read More 

Three Little Tips To Keep Your Workwear Work Ready

Being well presented is generally a good idea no matter what industry you are in. You never know who you might impress with your appearance, and every little bit counts when trying to work your way up the chain of command in your business. Unfortunately, most people don't have a lot of time to spend on keeping their workwear looking like a million bucks every day. However, with just a few small tips and tricks you can make a huge difference to the overall look of your clothes. Read More 

Important Features You Should Look For In Your Workwear

Everyday across Australia millions of people head into work in all sorts of industries, from the inner-city, corporate world to the farmers in the outback. Of course everyone will have their own suitable work attire, but for those that work in a particularly heavy duty environment, their clothing will most likely fall under the category of workwear. Still a broad category workwear is more about function than form, and it is vital that you get clothing that can stand up to the test of your daily tasks. Read More