Three Little Tips To Keep Your Workwear Work Ready

Being well presented is generally a good idea no matter what industry you are in. You never know who you might impress with your appearance, and every little bit counts when trying to work your way up the chain of command in your business. Unfortunately, most people don't have a lot of time to spend on keeping their workwear looking like a million bucks every day. However, with just a few small tips and tricks you can make a huge difference to the overall look of your clothes. 

Cold Wash As Much As Possible

Cold water has a much less impactful effect on your workwear. Not in terms of cleanliness, as both hot and cold water clean your clothing effectively, but in terms of the decline of your clothing. Hot water will shrink your clothes, but not only that, it will fade the colours much faster than cold water. Cold wash cycles also use far less electricity, which is a bit of an added benefit. In general, you should always cold wash your clothes to keep them as pristine and close to new as possible. The only time this might be bad advice is if your clothes are exceptionally dirty (think totally covered in mud). Otherwise, cold water is more than fine.

Hang Your Workwear Up Straight Away

Many people treat their workwear quite haphazardly after they wash it. Maybe they throw it on their clothes horse or hang it up with a couple of pegs if they are feeling a little generous. What you should be doing is immediately putting your shirt and pants on clothes hangers. This helps keep the shape of the clothes far better. When shirts and pants become slightly misshapen they will start to hang on your body quite strangely. This effect is magnified the more you wash your clothes, and the only way to offset it is to hang it up. Using clothes hangers is very easy anyway and only takes fractionally longer.

Keep Some Wrinkle Removing Spray Around

An interesting invention that has revolutionised the game for workwear, wrinkle removing spray allows you to look prim and proper in only a matter of seconds. Some wrinkle remove spray requires the clothes to be damp in the first place, but if your clothing is already hung up (as mentioned in point 2), then this is quite easy to do. Keeping some wrinkle removing spray in your car can give you a major leg up if you catch word that higher-ups are coming around or for any surprise presentations. Whatever the case, wrinkle removing spray is a major blessing for people who want to look good without the effort!