What deeper meaning do rugby jerseys have?

You probably want to wear your favourite team's jersey whenever you are going to watch them play. It is not just a show of loyalty, but also an indication that you feel the game and you would probably switch places with the players if you had a chance. Many fans wear the rugby jersey although they are unaware of the deeper meanings that they have regarding the game. You probably didn't know the following inner values and implications of rugby jerseys:

The Materials

You might be wondering why your team's jersey differs significantly with the one used by the same team some years regarding the material. The material used to design the jersey is an indication of the evolution taking place in the game as the years pass. Initially, teams wore cotton jerseys. They did not fit the players exactly regarding the size. The trend changed as modern rugby players and fans alike started to wear fitted jerseys as an indication of the following changes that occurred in the game. 

Being a contact sport, the shift from using cotton to other materials combined with elements such as carbon indicates the tactical changes in rugby both defensively and during attack. Elastic jerseys show the technological changes in designing these jerseys over the years, allowing more physical contact between the players. 

Jersey Colours

Different rugby clubs and nations identify with particular jersey colours as a symbol of originality. However, most teams have jersey colours they use to play at home or when they are playing away from their home ground. The sevens a-side edition of the game often has teams and their fans wearing bright coloured jerseys. It portrays the fun element of the sevens version. However, tradition may often dictate what a fan wears. A good number would stick to the jersey used by the country or club immediately after its inception. The old jersey colours still mark your identity as a fan of that club or country. International jerseys often reflect the national flag colours of the relevant countries although there are some few exceptions. 


Various companies sponsor different rugby clubs around the world. The jerseys display the company branding with the name and logo displayed clearly on the logo. For a fan, the sponsorship branding does not indicate any form of loyalty to that particular company. You just associate with the brand by supporting the team.


Keeping pace with the change in the design of the jersey is an indication that you are trendy. The most notable change is the eradication of the baggy jerseys by most rugby clubs and nations today.