4 reasons to use eco nappies (apart from the environmental benefits)

Though eco nappies are environmentally safe, there are other reasons to use them. There are several other benefits that come with using eco nappies. Here are some of the other reasons to use eco nappies.

It will save money

Using eco nappies can help save you significant amounts of money over the time your child spends in nappies. For children who spend 3 years in nappies, you can see savings of thousands of dollars per child. This can particularly add up if you have multiple children in nappies, including children who are close in age and twins or triplets. Eco nappies can be handed down between children as well, so the initial cost of purchasing the cloth nappies is a one-off cost that you don't need to spend again for the next child.

They look great!

Rather than using nappy covers and bloomers, eco nappies come in a range of cute patterns and fabrics. They look super cute and can easily be worn as part of a cute outfit and put on show. Disposable nappies tend to be plain and not look as good so many parents choose to cover up with nappy covers.

Faster toilet training

Modern disposable nappies have become fantastic at wicking away moisture into their gel linings. Unfortunately, the downside of this effect is that children don't associate the feeling of moistness with their urination. Using clothes nappies can children to connect their toileting to this sensation of moistness and allow them to potentially toilet train at an earlier age. Using disposable nappies and pull-ups has contributed to the age of toilet training increasing substantially over the last century and many parents appreciate their child's earlier toilet training when they use cloth eco nappies.

Sticking to to the law

If you look on the side of a box of disposable nappies, you'll see a note letting parents know that they can't dispose of human waste in the rubbish. While in many cases this regulation is not enforced, you can potentially face fines if you leave disposables nappies in the bin. Using eco nappies forces you to wash off the poo and use the correct path of toilet and washing machines to get rid of human waste from nappies.

As you can see, there are some great reasons to investigate using eco nappies for your next child beyond the environmental benefits. Why not buy some eco nappies and enjoy the benefits?