Why You Need to Upgrade to Aluminium Luggage

Enjoying a trip away with loved ones is not quite as simple as booking your flight tickets and a hotel stay. If you haven't been on holiday in a while, you might find that your luggage has aged badly and that you need to upgrade before you can jet off. But with so many different luggage options in the marketplace, how are you supposed to know which is best for you? If you have always opted for soft shell luggage until now, it's well worth considering an upgrade to an aluminium option from a company like Sweeney Luggage Centre, and here's why.

Impervious to the weather. The major drawback of having cloth suitcases is that if the luggage gets at all wet, this can spell disaster. Water can seep through the luggage and make it all the way to your clothes and electronic valuables, which could end up being totally destroyed. The clothes inside your suitcase as well as the cloth lining of the suitcase itself could also develop mould, which is not only unsightly and can ruin clothes, but it can also cause health problems. Even if you are going to a sunny beach destination, don't discount the chance of a freak storm, and even high humidity can store moisture in luggage material.

But with aluminium luggage this is not a problem. This material repels water so that even in an intense thunderstorm, the rainwater will slide right off the case and all of your possessions will be protected.

A robust choice. When you hand over your luggage at the airport gate, it is thrown on the plane, thrown off again, and this means that your luggage needs to be robust enough to hold up to being manhandled. A cheap plastic shell, for example, can easily crack, and so opting for a more durable option like aluminium is far more sensible. Aluminium cases can get thrown around without becoming dented, and everything inside the case will remain in good condition. But just because it's strong, aluminium luggage isn't heavy. It is actually a lightweight material that's easy to transport from the car to the airport to a hotel.

An eco-friendly material. When you have just taken a long-haul flight, you no doubt want to do everything you can to offset your carbon footprint, and investing in aluminium luggage is one great way of doing so. Aluminium is the most recycled metal and it is possible to buy luggage online that is made from 100% recycled aluminium. This means that in a former life, your case could have been soda cans and in its next life it could even be used to form parts of an aeroplane.