Three Ways to Keep Your Dry-Clean-Only Garments Cleaner for Longer

High-quality clothing items that are made from luxurious fabrics such as silk or pure wool are often labelled as dry-clean only. This can be problematic if you wear them regularly, as you cannot simply pop them into the washing machine when they get dirty but instead have to take them to (and then collect them from) the nearest dry cleaning business.

If you want to extend the number of times you can wear your dry-clean-only garments before you have to send them off to the dry cleaners to have them laundered, here are some steps you can take to keep these items cleaner for longer.

Invest in underarm pads for close-fitting tops and dresses

One of the main reasons why fitted blouses, T-shirts and dresses get too whiffy to wear is because the fabrics from which they are made tend to absorb the odour that your underarms produce whilst you are wearing them. Whilst wearing a strong antiperspirant can reduce the speed with which these types of clothes become malodorous, it won't completely prevent this from happening, particularly if you perspire excessively, whether due to living in a hot climate or being a very physically active person.

One way to prevent the underarms of your dry-clean-only garments from getting smelly is to invest in some underarm pads. These are washable, fabric-covered pads that have an adhesive backing. When attached to the underarm area of a garment, these pads can act as a barrier that will absorb any sweat and body odour before it reaches the garment. Using these should enable you to get several more wears out of a clothing item before it needs to be dry-cleaned.

Spot-clean small spillages immediately after they occur

Another way to keep your dry-clean-only clothes cleaner for longer is to spot-clean any food or drink you spill on these items as soon as these spillages occur. Rinsing the affected area immediately with cold water should help to remove the food debris or fluid before it dries and stains the fibres of the fabric.

It's important not to use hot water for this task, as this could not only help set the stain but could also damage or shrink the delicate fabric that your dry-clean-only item is made from (wool, for example, will often shrink when exposed to hot water).

Hang garments up immediately after wearing them

Another way to get more wears out of a dry-clean-only garment is to hang it up immediately after you take it off.

The reason for this is as follows: if you toss it onto the pile of clothes on the chair in your bedroom, or onto the back of your sofa, not only will the garment get very wrinkled but it may also develop a musty smell that will result in you having to take a trip to the dry cleaners before you can wear it again.

By hanging it up the moment you take it off, you will air out the fabric and thus ensure that it does not develop an unpleasant, musty odour.

Talk to someone who works at a dry cleaning business to get more information.